Closed circuit television systems (CCTV) include a control or console panel and monitor mounted remote from a television camera from which a television picture is received. By way of example television cameras have been placed at the exterior of buildings and intended to control admittance, the doors, the gates and other accesses.

SSIS specialize in CCTV surveillance ranging from conventional system to the latest wireless IP camera.

Advantage of CCTV:

1. Ability to protect your employees

2. Ability to protect your business from lawsuit

3. Ability to monitor employees

4. Ability to prevent crime

5. Ability to monitor traffic and public areas

There are many type of CCTV

* Dome Camera

* IR Camera

* Box Camera

* PTZ or Zoom Camera

* Speed Dome Camera

* Dvr(Digital video recorder)

* Nvr(Network video recorder)

SSIS carry most of the branded camera model such as:

cctv brand